Words With Wayne 05-21-2021

In this episode of Words With Wayne, CM Company takes us on a tour of the new Owyhee High School wrapping up in Meridian.  This much-needed project has been worked on by many different Idaho AGC members. We'll also touch base with Idaho AGC staff in Las Vegas and Eastern Idaho, and meet the newest addition to the Idaho AGC Board of Directors:  Aaron Johnson with Bateman-Hall. 


Idaho AGC Endorses Brad Little for Governor

Ahead of next year’s statewide election, the Idaho AGC Board of Directors announced at its May 20th meeting that the association has endorsed Brad Little in his race for re-election as Idaho’s Governor.

“Idaho is fortunate to have had Brad Little at its helm during these past two years,” stated Idaho AGC President Jessee Rosin of Boise-based Mountain Companies. “Idaho’s economy, and its construction industry, has continued to thrive despite the pandemic and all the economic troubles associated with it. Governor Little deserves a lot of credit for this success and has earned another term.”

Increase Cash Flow with Available Tax Credits, Deductions and Incentives

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Helping Organizations Improve Their Financial Health

Organizations are looking for ways to increase cash flow and decrease tax liability, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Tax credits and deductions help organizations save cash and keep more money invested in their businesses. The challenge for taxpayers is knowing what benefits exist and how they can qualify.

Complaint Filed Against Construction Manager Operating in Idaho Without Proper Licensing

May 14, 2021

Earlier today, Wayne Hammon, CEO of the Idaho Associated General Contractors (AGC), filed an official complaint with the Acting Administrator of the Idaho Division of Building Safety regarding acts by the Idaho School District Council (ISDC) and its partner Gordian, which the Association believes fail to comply with the Public Works Construction Management Licensing Act. The complaint asks the Administrator to seek a court-ordered injunction to invalidate the contract between the two.

AGC Sees $1.6 Billion Infrastructure Funding Success as Legislative Session Winds to a Close

AGC Spearheads Infrastructure Funding
Pictured Left to Right:  Idaho AGC Legislative Committee Chair and First Vice President Anna Sparrell of CM Company, Idaho AGC CEO Wayne Hammon, Idaho AGC President Jessee Rosin of Mountain Companies, Idaho AGC Past President and Political Action Committee Chair Bob Von Lintig of Western Construction, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Senator and Senate Transportation Committee Chair Lori Den Hartog, Representative and House Transportation & Defense Committee Chair Joe Palmer, Senator and Senate President Pro Temp Chuck Winder, and Idaho AGC Director of Public Policy & Member Services Sean Schupack.

Boise Rewriting Zoning Code

Boise’s zoning code has shaped Boise as we know it, outlining how property can be used in our city. To support our city’s long-term vision as the community grows and changes, the City of Boise began a process to rewrite our zoning code in the fall of 2019.  The City of Boise now has a draft of the first installment, which is available to public review. The first installment of the zoning code outlines what is and is not allowed within certain zones across the city and proposes the following changes to help better align our zoning code with the city's long-term vision: