Idaho AGC Education Foundation

The mission of the Idaho AGC Education Foundation (IAEF) is to attract and retain quality workers in the construction industry.

Scholarships from Idaho AGC Education Foundation

The Idaho AGC Education Foundation awards scholarships each year to full-time students in their sophomore, junior, or senior year of study at an Idaho college or university who have declared a construction related major. While each award is for a single academic year, students who receive the award as a sophomore may apply again during their junior and senior year.

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IAEF serves Idaho by providing direction and support to educate and train Idaho’s existing and future construction workforce in the following ways:

  • Awarding scholarships to qualified college students in the construction field
  • Improving workforce development.  Read the full Workforce Development Report here.  Read about the Education Foundation's Next Steps here.
  • Expanding the skill of construction industry workers that will drive the construction of the future
  • Attracting the next generation to the construction fields.

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