Idaho AGC: Important to Get Tax Relief Correct

2/17/2023 – Boise.    Leaders of the Idaho Associated General Contractors (AGC) today restated their commitment to working with the Governor and State Legislators to ensure that the anticipated property tax relief being crafted by lawmakers does not jeopardize important, bipartisan investments in infrastructure.

“We commend House Speaker Mike Moyle, Representative Jason Monks, Senator C. Scott Grow, and others who worked so hard to craft the meaningful property tax relief included in H 292,” stated Idaho AGC CEO Wayne Hammon. “It’s unfortunate that among the bill’s many good provisions is also language that has raised concern on the bond market that puts Idaho’s ability to make long-term, meaningful investments in our system of roads and bridges at risk. Given these concerns, the Governor made the right decision in vetoing the measure. We hope all of Idaho’s leaders will work together to resolve this technical issue quickly.”

Hammon noted that the bonds discussed in the letter from the Idaho Housing and Finance Association attached to the Governor’s veto message are authorized by the Transportation Expansion and Congestion Mitigation (TECM) program, which was created in 2017 and expanded to include bonding authority in 2021 with an overwhelming majority.

“TECM is an essential tool used by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to tackle large projects across Idaho that are essential in our effort to keep up with growth, facilitate commerce, and maintain Idaho’s quality of life,” added Idaho AGC President Darrin Dance from Gale Lim Construction in Blackfoot.

“I believe there remains time for Idaho’s leaders to provide meaningful property tax relief during this year’s legislative session that does not put in danger the essential work of ITD,” stated Hammon. “The Idaho AGC is willing and able to help with this effort.”

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