Words With Wayne: 09-08/2023

Wayne is stopping in to discuss Construction Suicide Prevention Week and the recent project we did with PortaPros to put suicide awareness stickers in 1,500 porta potties across Idaho. He also reminds you about all of the discount programs you have access to as an AGC member, and there are probably a lot more than you think! He also talks about our upcoming Gala, and why you should buy your ticket ASAP!

Construction Industry Unites to Promote Suicide Prevention during Construction Suicide Prevention Week

Boise, ID – As part of their ongoing commitment to worker safety, construction companies, organizations, and stakeholders across the nation are joining forces to observe the Construction Suicide Prevention Week from September 4th to the 8th. This dedicated week aims to raise awareness about construction workers' mental health challenges and promote resources for suicide prevention and mental well-being.

The construction industry, known for its demanding nature and high-stress environments, has identified the need to prioritize the mental health of its workforce. Construction Suicide Prevention Week is a collaborative initiative that seeks to break down stigma, provide support, and foster a culture of empathy and care within the industry.

Words With Wayne: 08/04/2023

Wayne is BACK after a jam-packed July for an August edition of Words With Wayne! Today, he's coming to you from Kendall Auto's brand new Fleet Service Center that is currently under construction with our member McAlvain Companies, Inc.! Rich Stout and David Hurley join him to give you the inside scoop on this incredible new project and what you can expect from it as an Idaho AGC member.