Boise Rewriting Zoning Code

Boise’s zoning code has shaped Boise as we know it, outlining how property can be used in our city. To support our city’s long-term vision as the community grows and changes, the City of Boise began a process to rewrite our zoning code in the fall of 2019.  The City of Boise now has a draft of the first installment, which is available to public review. The first installment of the zoning code outlines what is and is not allowed within certain zones across the city and proposes the following changes to help better align our zoning code with the city's long-term vision: 

  • Condensed and renamed zoning districts,  
  • Allow new housing types within all residential zones, 
  • Allow small-scale commercial in some residential zones and 
  • Created new zones that allow mixed-use development. 

They are seeking YOUR feedback on the draft, which you can view at the button below:

View Draft HERE

Your input will help the City of Boise refine this first installment to ensure that they maintain and enhance quality of life as the city grows.  We encourage you to follow along with the many opportunities the City will offer in the coming months for you to provide feedback.  You may email any comments that you have directly to Andrea Tuning at or you may also participate in an upcoming public survey, one of our in person and/or virtual meetings, or meet with a planner through scheduled “office hours.” 

To learn more about the Zoning Code Rewrite and the process, please visit us at: and if you have any questions, contact Andrea at the email above.