I greatly appreciate all that the Idaho AGC does to help our company. The return on our membership investment is self evident and provides results that make a significant difference to our bottom line.

Rex Hansen
American Geotechnics

The information and support from the Idaho AGC is greatly appreciated.

Rich Smith
Edge Construction Supply

Just wanted to thank the Idaho AGC team for your extensive efforts and guidance as the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded. As a small business owner navigating this all by the seat of my pants, your updates and analysis have been incredibly helpful. I have used the information received from the Idaho AGC directly to affect policy and guidance to my small team. Thanks for looking out for us.

Sean Rasmussen
Blue Sky Consulting Services

I want to personally thank the Idaho AGC for your effort. Even though the next few months will be a struggle, it could have been a lot worse for our industry without the AGC. You saved a lot of jobs!

Tab Buckner
Idaho Precast

I have a whole folder dedicated to information shared by the Idaho AGC during this time. The whole organization was a great help and really stepped up to the plate.

Tina Apostolou

Thanks as always for being such a passionate advocate for our industry! We are truly blessed to have the Idaho AGC working on behalf of the construction industry. 

Todd Bloom
B & B Steel Erectors

THANK YOU! In these unprecedented times the Idaho AGC has been instrumental in ensuring that construction remained an essential business when many other industry sectors faced closing down operations. You have carried the shield of our industry and members valiantly with the state’s elected officials all the while ensuring we had the proper information and safety resources to keep our projects moving without delay. Without the information provided by the Idaho AGC, we would have been left struggling to be properly informed amongst all of the chaos in the media.

Zach Higgins
Wright Brothers, The Building Company