Construction Thrives In Idaho

Over 50,000 Idahoans Work in Construction

and Number Continues to Grow Despite Pandemic

September 28, 2020. Boise, ID.

Figures released this week by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America show that the number of Idahoans employed in construction has reached a two-decade high and now topped pre-recession levels. AGC estimates that there are 54,200 construction workers in the Gem State and that figure has grown 2.1% over the last twelve months despite economic pressure created by the state’s response to the ongoing pandemic.

The AGC analysis was conducted by AGC of America’s Chief Economist Ken Simonson and is based upon recently updated figures from a wide range of federal sources including the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to Simonson, “Idaho’s construction industry continues to thrive. As a result, it’s contribution to the state’s GDP has grown to 6.9% -- that’s $5.6 billion in economic activity spread out across Idaho.”

The growth in Idaho’s construction industry stands out when compared to a 4.1% decline in the industry’s employment nationwide. “Idaho continues to be a lead the way to economic recovery,” stated Idaho AGC CEO Wayne Hammon. “Credit goes to decades of good management and state leaders committed to Idaho’s future. Idaho is uniquely positioned to capitalize on economic opportunities. We continue to see a bright future ahead for Idaho’s construction industry and the tens of thousands of Idahoans it employs.”

Details of the AGC analysis is available online at:

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