Complaint Filed Against Construction Manager Operating in Idaho Without Proper Licensing

May 14, 2021

Earlier today, Wayne Hammon, CEO of the Idaho Associated General Contractors (AGC), filed an official complaint with the Acting Administrator of the Idaho Division of Building Safety regarding acts by the Idaho School District Council (ISDC) and its partner Gordian, which the Association believes fail to comply with the Public Works Construction Management Licensing Act. The complaint asks the Administrator to seek a court-ordered injunction to invalidate the contract between the two.

Specifically, the complaint charges that the ISDC hired Gordian as a construction manager without following the public process outlined in Idaho statute. Furthermore, the complaint charges that Gordian has been and continues to operate without the necessary Idaho construction manager license.

“While we value the work of the ISDC, it’s unfortunate that they allowed themselves to be manipulated by an out-of-state company to violate Idaho law,” stated Hammon. “If they want to pursue this type of construction in Idaho, they need to get the proper licenses and follow the proper selection processes – just like everyone else.”

Click here for a copy of the complaint and supporting material.