Changed Login Process for Unemployment Insurance Benefits

The Department of Labor has recently changed their log-in process for unemployment insurance claimants, due to a substantial increase in fraudulent activity.  Please review the following information from the Department of Labor:

Everyone who files for unemployment insurance through the UI Claimant Portal must now verify their identity through our trusted partner Without that, they will be unable to access their unemployment insurance account and file for benefits online. 

If you HAVE verified your identity through

You will need to sign into Claimant Portal using your username and password every time you access your unemployment insurance account. After entering your username and password, you will be prompted to complete the process by entering a unique code sent by via text or phone call. 

If you have NOT verified your identity through

If you don’t verify your identity through you will lose access to your unemployment insurance account and will not be able to file for benefits online. Once you verify your identity, you will need to sign into every time you want to access your account. 

After you complete the log in process, you will be able to use the UI Claimant Portal like you normally do.

Make sure you have continued access to your UI Claimant Portal account. For assistance, click the button below:

Step-by-Step InstructionsStep-by-Step Instructions


Answers to questions you have about the process can be found in these FAQs about and Claimant Identity Verification.