Back to the Basics: A Review of On-site Safety

Back to the Basics:  A Review of On-site Safety

 By Matt Lee, Innovative Building Materials


While it is easy to become complacent in environments we routinely find ourselves, it is important to remember that construction sites are one of the most dangerous places a person can work. This danger is often attributed to the operation of heavy machinery and a constant array of moving parts. Each year, a variety of injuries occur on construction sites that are caused by more than heavy machinery. The most common injuries are caused by electrical shocks, various collisions, and tripping hazards. Surprisingly, every year the latter of these causes the most injuries per year on construction sites.

Bearing this in mind, construction sites can seem like a daunting place to maintain safety for workers. However, a review of basic on-site safety practices will help ensure a safe work environment every day on the construction site.

Wearing Protective Gear